Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Somebody tell me....eBay really cares...

I have been selling on eBay for years and can remember when someone would make a complaint and if a seller did not immediately right a wrong, then the seller was booted for a period of time. I just ran across one seller who has so many negatives and neutrals, I would have to get a calculator to add them up. Today he has 613 items listed for sale. This is to warn buyers to beware, ask questions and check feedback before bidding on items with anyone who has this kind of feedback ---even if you think it is a good deal.

Someone tell me that eBay really cares who sells and what they sell. We now know (and probably always knew) that money in their pocket is all eBay cares about. I have had emails from eBay that an item I am selling is not allowed and if I continue to list, I will be barred from eBay. Here are some items that have been cancelled of mine by eBay.
1) A documentary type book written by teenagers about their experiences of being gay.
2) Mini magnetic sperm and egg couples that I make.
3) A medical book that had an illustration on the cover of a woman's muscles.
4) A book on the history of the KKK.
5) A book with a cover that had a picture of a nude statue in Europe.

I only wish eBay had some serious competition. I've tried a few other sites, but so far I have never sold anything. Maybe it is back to the flea markets to sell and let others deal with eBay.



At 4/15/2006 11:57 AM, Blogger Samantha said...

Jeannie. You know better than to make a post entitled "Somebody tell me....eBay really cares..." Finally, after 120-some purchases I've begun having problems of my own: One didn't bother to ship for ELEVEN days, two refused to respond to emails and the third who didn't I decided to threaten w/ emails to eBay if he didn't and I gave him only three hours to do so. I have to say when I was forced to contact eBay they did respond promptly however, their wheels appear to turn very slowly. First you must do this, then you must do that and so on until you just want to say "Forget it!"

As for the Yuki guy: I looked at his feedback and I am absolutely appalled! I guess that's the answer to the title of your post.

Finally, I've seen your little sperm guys, and they're adorable, endearing. Personally, I find this page far more offensive:



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