Monday, December 17, 2007

Presidents Holding History Hostage

In our local newspaper, there is a column written by Charles N. Davis on the release of presidential records to the public and for the history books. Davis is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists' Freedom of Information Committee and serves as executive director of National Freedom of Information Coalition at the University School of Journalism.

This column is worth reading for a concise overview of President Bush's attempt of secrecy, cover-ups, and his attempt to write his own record of his time in the White House. Absolutely nothing has done so much to expose the real president than his attempt to cover up so much that is every citizen's right to know.

Bush has brought our country to the state we are in. In order to learn from history (if this is possible---seems like we never learn), we need an accurate record of the past. It is time to demand that our representatives and senators do their job. That means, Kentuckians, that you need to vote Senator Bunning out as soon as possible. Of course, it looks like under unanimous consent the rest of the senators held up a vote on the bill in question. They all need to go.

I dream of the day that we can submit to all politicians a questionnaire that really means something. The questions would cover all of the topics that enables a citizen to make a decision as to whether a candidate believes in and is willing to stand up for our rights and works for the people. Got a question for them, send it to me.

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