Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stun Guns -- It's a lie that they are non-lethal.

In a report at the first of June, the Justice Department considered the use of stun guns. This week the Justice Department issued a report that concluded that there is "no conclusive evidence" indicating that police use of stun guns or other electro-shock devices present a high risk of serious injury or death.

A two year review of 11,500 law enforcement agencies that have the devices show that 260,000 have been deployed by law enforcement. Amnesty International reports that 180 people have died after stun guns or Tasers have been used.

According to a spokesman, Steve Tuttle, for Taser International, the report "speaks volumes affirming our previous statements concerning the safety of Taser devices."

What? 180 people have died and that is safe?

It is an outrage that 180 people should die at the hands of our law enforcement agencies who have other means to disable a person who may threaten themselves or others.

Taser International has a campaign that leads one to believe that their stun guns are safe. If any other product in the US should kill 180 people when it is marketed to be safe, the product would be removed from the market.

Just look at the tomato scare. Millions and millions of people have eaten tomatoes and 167 people have been sickened and there are no deaths and the media has gone bananas. When pharmaceutical companies make a drug that kills people even if only a very small percentage, we are instantly outraged.

So it is time that we as Americans came to our senses and contacted our congressmen and voiced our opinions about the overwhelming use of force that we allow our law enforcement to use.

Post script: Since I made this post a few days ago, another teen has died from the use of a Taser in Charlotte, NC. And Tasers are safe?

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