Monday, October 27, 2008

Three of my favorite bloggers

Paris Parfait Blog has an article regarding the importance of this presidential election. Tara Bradford is passionate about her views and writes this article from her heart. I am certain that this resonates with many.

And if you wish to get a little humor with your dose of common sense also known as homespun philosophy, please check out this blog from an 83 year old woman. You have to click on the side bar to go to each post. If this campaign has you ready to climb the walls, this woman's writings will put your feet on the floor and you will know why some of the older generation have used humor to survive. You can read about the author here.

And then there is the blog from another woman who has lived in Alaska for years. Elise Patkotak has a sense of humor, but tells it like it is.

What I am wondering---with all the women in the world who know so much, have so much common sense, can answer direct questions and can speak in sentences, how did McCain find Sarah Palin and think she was ready to be president should he kick the bucket? Of course, that is another problem about McCain. He thinks he is going to live forever so Sarah will never have to replace him. Just goes to show his judgement is already shot.

Two other links that need to be posted. Sarah Palin's comments about Fruit Fly research and comments from a science blog.

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At 10/28/2008 10:46 AM, Blogger paris parfait said...

Jeanne, thank you so much for linking to my post. It's nice to be in such fine company! I, too, wonder about McCain's judgment - if he wanted to pick a female Republican candidate as his running mate, why not Olympia Snowe or Kay Bailey Hutchinson - both more qualified than Palin. Am hoping this election has a positive outcome and we can start rebuilding our country. Thanks again. Best, Tara


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