Monday, December 01, 2008

Equal Rights for All

I was tagged to make a list of seven things about me for my other blog yesterday. I use that blog for my artwork and usually do not post controversial opinions. But when someone requests that I tell something about myself, I feel it is okay to mention personal things that are unrelated to art. After all, my art is not me, it is just an expression of a part of me. I think my thoughts and opinions often tell more than what I can put into a piece of art.

As mentioned in that post, I think same sex couples should have the same right to marry as heterosexual couples have. I think religious organizations can make their own decisions on whether to conduct these marriages, but the government should give equal opportunity to all couples to be married.

I believe it is not an issue that should be determined by states or individuals, but should be granted as an equal right based on rights for all citizens. If individuals should vote to determine what is a right, then mixed racial couples would still be unable to marry according to statistics that I have read.

Popular vote should never be used to determine any issue that could be a right that any one group of people may have while others are denied that right. I also do not believe that these issues should ever be determined in state courts as we should have uniformity in our states on basic civil rights. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and all of these civil rights should be guaranteed to every citizen of this country. I would argue that marrying whoever one chooses is one of the most vocal expressions that we can make.

Today there is an article in the News & Observer about this issue. It is a well thought out article and looks at the logic of gay marriage. Although I completely understand all of the author's views, it still comes down to the issue that as of right now, people who wish to have a gay marriage are denied the right while heterosexuals have the right. Simple to me---this is not equality.

I completely agree with the author on one point. The institution of marriage will not be cheapened if all homosexuals are allowed to marry. We heterosexuals have done plenty to cheapen it! Maybe it is time to allow the gay community to show us how it should be done.

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