Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eating Contests

Our local newspaper, The News & Observer had a front page article with four color photos of a hot dog eating contest. I almost called and cancelled my subscription. This is my notice that if the N&O continues such ridiculous front page "news, " I will not hesitate the next time. It is bad enough that the newspaper waste precious print on articles on such subjects as the latest fashion trends. It makes me wonder how many women purchase the newspaper just for the fashion information. Maybe if the N&O put a greater emphasis on articles with substance and value, it would be in better financial shape.

Yes, I know that everyone has his opinion of what has worth, but in this economy we do not need to see emphasis put on such superficial activities as purchasing $200 garments or gluttony.

I usually enjoy Josh Shaffer's articles, but this one is not even worth printing.

Note added: This letter to the editor is a good one in regards to this hot dog eating contest.

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