Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Health Insurance

Nicholas D. Kristof wrote another important article about health care reform. Read his article here.

Recently, I had to go to a doctor. When I handed the clerk my new insurance card, she told me that they no longer accepted this insurance. I was shocked as I had never had a problem with anyone accepting it. It is the Alaska State Retirees Health Plan. Until this year it had been administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, but now it is administered by Wells Fargo and they no longer accept it. For a brief moment, I understood perfectly well how it must feel to be without health insurance. I will find other doctors who will accept it, but that does not make it easy. Especially when I have been seeing this doctor for over eight years.

I just don't see why so many are against health care reform. Personally, I think we would have been better off if there had never been any such thing as insurance. Even with insurance, one can lose everything in certain circumstances.

Of course, I have never had any love for health or life insurance companies and I do believe that insurance has caused the cost of health care to skyrocket. I don't have the answers, but I do know our health care system is broken and it is time we addressed it in a sensible manner.

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